State Of The Archive: July 2018


For the three people who are wondering about the status of this personal archive… welcome, I suppose.

So I guess I should start by saying that yes, there is some activity coming to the Archive page and while it might not be a full-blown running thing, it is something that’s going to slowly but surely and FINALLY get rolling. For those wondering what the gist of this whole thing is… well, this page is intended as an archive of all my writings, my doodles, my videos, and stuff.

Eventually, we’ll get to the point where this may very well become a future home. But for now, I’m focusing on the back end of getting the old stuff on here first before I consider anything major in the future.

The Present
For the moment, I’m looking to get in at least one or two old entries onto the site a week. The current plan is to focus on the old PPV Predictions and get those properly dated and timed. In terms of the old 2002 picks, I’ll be using the ones that were posted on the other site, with the updated notes and annotations; though those are subsequently replaced with proper write-ups.

In terms of new material made specifically for this here webzone, I’ve got a couple bits in the works that I’m hoping to get ready in a short while. But priorities and stuff…

The Future
There eventually is going to come to a point where I may want to move everything from the current site to this one and the possibility exists that I may very well move everything from that webspace to this webspace and make this webspace the new home of DTM Rambles. Don’t call this a mover right away, but rather think of it as a futureproofing of the current landscape, such as it is.

Anyway, that’s the current state of the blog. Will call back soon.


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A Work In Progress


So, here we are again.

I’ve had this WordPress space for a couple years now and mostly did it as a back-up plan in the event I might need to jump current blog, which can be found here for those who care. However, the thought occurred to me that rather than migrate everything from that blog to this one, the better plan would be to take the stuff worth keeping and organize that stuff a little better.

In some sense, it’s more akin to my review archive blog that hosts just the reviews, but featuring more than just the reviews.

In any event, as time progresses, I’ll be bringing over my pre-existing material over to this blog and fix whatever formatting that might be required as a result. This will take a bit of time, however, and it’ll be slow going, as this is low priority for the moment… but still, if there’s anything worth noting. I’ll let you know.

Looking forward to meeting you here in the future.


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PPV Predictions – WWE Elimination Chamber 2012


A PPV tonight you say? Fuck if I knew that…

Anywhoo, tonight is WWE’s Elimination PPV… oh, I mean Elimination Chamber PPV… sorry, but I just went by what Johnny Ace called it. After all, this guy’s the Executive VP of Talent Relations… despite having no actual talent aside from kissing ass. Anyway, time to revive a dishonored tradition around these parts and shoot out some random thoughts and predictions. Should be pretty simple stuff, really.


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Power Rangers: Beginnings


Power Rangers:¬†Beginnings was essentially my own reimagining of the first episode “Day Of The Dumpster,” combined with elements from the unaired pilot. The base story was written in 2001 and edited slightly in 2003 for its Fanfiction.Net account. This was the version that was re-upped back last year, with minor tweaks and edits.

Roughly a decade after the story’s original conception (and just in time for the 20th Anniversary celebration to begin), Beginnings is reposted once more. This time, certain changes have been made to the narrative and overall prose, but it’s still the same story.

Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.

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PPV Predictions – TNA Genesis 2011


Okay, so it’s been a while since I did one of these PPV Prediction things and since there’s a TNA PPV tonight, I’d figure that I throw my two-cents in. I have to admit that I haven’t really been following Impact all that, although I did see a couple shows and checked the recaps, so the picks are based on speculation and personal thought.

So here we go…

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PPV Prediction – WWE Hell In A Cell 2010


Well, two weeks after their incredibly “okay” Night of Champions PPV, World Wrestling Entertainment presents its first of two October PPVs, Hell In A Cell. Are you one of the lucky suckers… er, I mean, customers who paid fifty to sixty bucks on a PPV comprising a whole FIVE MATCHES? Boy, that’s a real bang for your buck. No wonder people aren’t forking over their hard-earned money to buy WWE Pay-Per-Views.

Anyways… let’s get to the goods.

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PPV Predictions: WWE Night Of Champions 2010


Yep, the night of champions is tomorrow… but I’m doing the picks today because I don’t want to spoil the 200th post on some PPV predictions for a sports-entertainment show. But anyway, here we are:

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