Update Of Sorts…


Hello, it’s been a while, but things are moving somewhat forward.

I’ve been doing some house-cleaning over at the DTM Rambles blog and some of the stuff has been migrating over here since it makes the most sense to do so. For examples, my old PPV predictions has been moved here and replacing those slots are more “complete” write-ups of those shows. Why those write-ups aren’t also here is another story, but for the moment, I want to make that blog more than just old stuff that feels dated. After all, that’s what this blog is for.

So while you’re getting the old stuff here, there IS good news to be had here. With said house-cleaning coming into play, there is a possibility of things picking up bit by bit as I slowly start to upload stuff on here. I’m hoping to post a couple bits a week, but the more the merrier, I suppose. Eventually, I’ll start putting together index pages to gain easier access to this stuff.

Also, I got a couple exclusive bits in the works for this site alone, but you’ll have to wait on that a bit.

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A Work In Progress


So, here we are again.

I’ve had this WordPress space for a couple years now and mostly did it as a back-up plan in the event I might need to jump current blog, which can be found here for those who care. However, the thought occurred to me that rather than migrate everything from that blog to this one, the better plan would be to take the stuff worth keeping and organize that stuff a little better.

In some sense, it’s more akin to my review archive blog that hosts just the reviews, but featuring more than just the reviews.

In any event, as time progresses, I’ll be bringing over my pre-existing material over to this blog and fix whatever formatting that might be required as a result. This will take a bit of time, however, and it’ll be slow going, as this is low priority for the moment… but still, if there’s anything worth noting. I’ll let you know.

Looking forward to meeting you here in the future.


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Power Rangers: Beginnings


Power Rangers:¬†Beginnings was essentially my own reimagining of the first episode “Day Of The Dumpster,” combined with elements from the unaired pilot. The base story was written in 2001 and edited slightly in 2003 for its Fanfiction.Net account. This was the version that was re-upped back last year, with minor tweaks and edits.

Roughly a decade after the story’s original conception (and just in time for the 20th Anniversary celebration to begin), Beginnings is reposted once more. This time, certain changes have been made to the narrative and overall prose, but it’s still the same story.

Disclaimer: The author would like to clarify that Power Rangers and its characters is owned by Saban Brands and not the author.

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PPV Predictions – WWE Summerslam 2010


Before I begin, I would just like to mention that the final scene with RVD bloodied on the floor is just about the most Hardcore thing to happen in what was otherwise a fine TNA program. Hell, if this was the PPV and I was in a position to buy PPVs, I’d buy this one rather than Hardcore Justice.

Speaking of PPVs I’d be willing to buy, here comes Summerslam and despite the one Divas match on the card, it’s shaping up to be one fine PPV event with a number of intriguing match-ups and a real potential for new stars to break through, which is always a wonderful thing to witness. But enough of that. Let’s get to the picks:

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PPV Predictions – WWE Fatal 4-Way 2010


Tonight’s WWE Fatal Four Way Pay-Per-View is brought to you by the letter F, the letter A, the letter I, and the letter L. What do those letters spell? F.A.I.L.

Five whole matches on PPV. Mind you, three of them are four-way matches and they’re all title matches, but really, five whole matches? That’s the best you can do? Are you going to wing it for the rest of the card?

I guess five matches is enough for them to fit in the NXT invasion bits, which is the origin of our four letters today. I mean, seriously; Bryan Danielson or no Bryan Danielson, WWE had a goldmine with this thing and not even a week later, in the first segment no less, they fucked it up. They’re going to need to do something BIG in order to recover from that.

But enough about FAIL. Let’s talk about the PPV and discuss the matches:

Fatal-Four Way Match for the WWE Divas Championship
Eve (champion) vs. Maryse vs. Gail Kim vs. Alicia Fox

The good news: apparently I care enough about the match that I actually spelled out the names of the participants as opposed to my usual schtick. The bad news: I don’t care enough to actually pick a winner with any interest. So I’m just going to do so randomly…

Pick: Eve

Win: Alicia Fox… new Champ (0-1)

WWE United States Championship
Miz (champion) vs. R-Truth

I don’t see Miz dropping the belt back… forget it. Did I say R-Truth? I said Miz.

Pick: Miz

Win: Miz (1-1)

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Kofi Kingston (champion) vs. Drew Whatshisface

Kofi retains. That is all.

Pick: Kofi

Pick: Kofi (2-1)

Fatal-Four-Way for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship
Jack Swagger (champion) vs. Big Show vs. Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

My two cents are on Punk to grab the belt. I certainly don’t expect Swagger to retain.

Pick: CM Punk

Pick: Rey Mysterio… NEW Champ (2-2)

Fatal-Four Way for the WWE Championship
John Cena (champion) vs. three guys who don’t matter

Yeah, as if you need to guess.

Pick: John Cena

Pick: Sheamus… NEW CHAMP! (2-3)

In other noos, Evan Bourne beat Chris Jericho and Harts beat Usos. Also, Bret Hart is apparently written out.


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PPV Predictions – WWE Over The Limit 2010


We’re going over the limit, kids! WWE Over The Limit! ¬†Okay, that sucked. My apologies…

Yep… you know the drill. Let’s get this over with…


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PPV Predictions – WWE Extreme Rules 2010


Good news for WWE – The RAW brand had made it back to America this past Wednesday night after being stuck in Europe due to volcanic activity in Iceland. Thus ensuring that the Extreme Rules PPV will continue as advertised.

Bad news for WWE – They lost a potential buyer of their PPV… alright, so I was never planning on buying the PPV, but man, that would have made for a fun time if half the PPV had to be scrapped on the fly due to the RAW crew being stuck in Europe due to additional volcanic activity or something.

In any case, here are my picks for the as-planned PPV. Will update this post with results once the PPV is done with.

Note: Some updated results…

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