PPV Predictions – WWE Vengeance 2002


Once upon a time, a long time ago, back in 2000, I did a quaint little website called DTM Webstation… it was online, but rarely untouched until about a couple years later when I had regular internet access. Around that time, I started doing a series of commentaries quaintly titled “The Bite.” Essentially my own rambling blog before such blogging ease was available to the masses or at least any that I was remotely aware. The Bite commentaries covered whatever came to mind, but one of the things I did in those commentaries was do quick predictions for then-upcoming WWE PPV shows, from time to time. Once I started up the DTM Blog, those predictions became a regular feature and the Bite commentaries became… well, obsolete.

The first PPV that went under the prediction knife was the 2002 iteration of WWE’s Vengeance PPV. The format from back then is quite different from what would eventually be used in more recent times, but I’ve been tweaking with the format a bit so that it’s a bit more uniform when all of these things get reposted.

In any case, you’ll find some predictions, the end result of each match, and some more recent reflections on my picks. I wouldn’t consider these to be reviews of shows, because more often than note, some of these picks and results documents (especially the earlier and later ones) do not have any quick thoughts on the show. I’d consider adding them, but that would require that I still have the show in question… and most of the 2002-2003 stuff is scattered across the cosmos. Still, if I have a chance to check the shows out, I may update these posts with quick overall thoughts.

It should be noted that that results were added in later on when PPV picks spawned into their own section on the old DTM Webstation. Also, despite using the 2012-2013 republished versions with updated annotations, all PPV predictions are published during its original timeline.

Tag-Team Tables Match:

Bubba Ray and Spike Dudley vs. Eddy Guerrero and Chris Benoit

2002 Pick: Guerrero and Benoit will probably get this victory…

Winners: Dudleyz (0-1)

2012 Update: The Dudleyz usually comprise Bubba Ray and D-Von, but at this point in time, D-Von was busy being a crooked reverand on Smackdown – they would eventually reunited at that year’s Survivor Series.

Oh boy, what the heck was I thinking picking anyone other than the Dudleyz to win a tables match? Funny thing is; both losers would go on to be World champions in 2004… and subsequently die later on… actually, that’s not so funny. I’m even sorry I brought it up.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship
Jamie Noble (c) vs. Billy Kidman

2002 Pick: Noble may retain his title tonight… only to be fodder for Rey Mysterio Jr. a couple weeks later.

Winner: Jame Noble retained his title. (1-1)

2012 Update: Kidman would eventually defeat Noble for the title in November, holding on to the title before dropping it to Matt Hardy, who would eventually drop the belt to Rey Mysterio (no Jr.) in June 2003… yes, kids. Matt Hardy was once light enough to hold the WWE’s lightweight title. Hard to imagine these days.

WWE European Championship

William Regal (c) vs. Jeff Hardy

Winner: Jeff Hardy wins the title.

2012 Update: For some reason, there was no pick for this one. I can’t recall why… It should be noted that some time after on RAW, Jeff Hardy would drop the Euro title over to then-IC Champion Rob Van Dam in a ladder match. Thus unifying the titles and retiring the Euro title for good.

Chris Jericho vs. John Cena

Winner: John Cena

2012 Update: Another match I did not choose a winner on. Probably a late addition or I simply forgot about this one. By the way, this was John Cena’s PPV debut, a month before his actual debut in a match against Kurt Angle on Smackdown. I remember that match being pretty decent, with Cena actually looking strong and giving Angle a run for his money before succumbing to the former champion’s technical prowess. Any way you look at it, it seemed pretty clear that the future was going to be pretty bright for John Cena (comprising a wide variety of day-glo colors.)

Too bad it had to be Jericho doing the deed… having gone from first-ever undisputed champion to cannon fodder for SuperCena.

WWE Intercontinental Championship
Rob Van Dam (c) vs. Brock Lesnar

2002 Pick: A no-brainer… Lesnar is going to win the title…

Winner: RVD retains the title by DQ. While a cop-out ending, it was the only way for RVD to keep the belt while protecting Brock, as a pinfall loss would have sabotaged his momentum going into Summerslam, so in a sense, it was a smart ending. That doesn’t change the fact that I was wrong, so… (1-2)

2012 Update: It also wouldn’t have made sense for Lesnar to win the title for no reason whatsoever, considering that it was a given that he would eventually claim the Undisputed WWE Championship at Summerslam… still, a TITLE for TITLE main event would have been neat to witness and it’s not something we see often these days.

No-DQ Match:
Booker T vs. Big Show

2002 Pick: Tough one to call… Big Show would probably get the upper hand over the master of the spineroni.

Winner: Booker T (2-2)

2012 Update: Interesting thing to note here is that this match came about because Booker T was kicked out of the nWo version 297872.7728 pre-alpha whatever. Eventually, the nWo thing was dropped but they kept the feud because… they hate each other? Maybe? I may have to track this show down or something.

WWE Tag-Team Championship
Hulk Hogan and Edge (c) vs. Lance Storm and Christian

2002 Pick: The victory will go to the “Anti-American” team of Storm and Christian… although the gimmick has to go…

Winners: Storm and Christian won the titles, as predicted. The gimmick actually lasted a short while before all went their own separate ways and Storm/Regal would be a competent tag team in their own right. (3-2)

2012 Update: This would be the last time Hulk Hogan would make regular PPV appearances, as his 2002 nostalgia run (which began as an nWo run… again) came to an end when he was destroyed by Brock Lesnar in impressive fashion. Hogan would have brief runs here and there, but it was pretty clear even back then that his days as an active wrestler were numbered. Shame he never got the memo.

Triple-Threat Match for the Undisputed WWE Championship
The Rock vs. The Undertaker vs. Kurt Angle

2002 Pick: Blah… the Rock… because Undertaker is old and Kurt Angle is a bald dork…

Winner: As expected, the Rock won the title. But we all know that despite having laid claim to the former WWF championship an astounding seven times, he’s only cannon fodder from Brock Lesnar, who would take the title a month later. (4-2)

2012 Update: John Cena would break that record, laying claim to the WWE Championship an absurd ten times. Of course, by this point, championships get bounced around like hot potatoes with reigns about as long as spring break, but still…

I recently found a video of this match floating around YouTube. It wasn’t the full match, but from the near-eight minute clip, it looked like a pretty good match for the most part. Solid action, good commentary, a satisfying ending that wasn’t predictable from the getgo, and an overall well-told story from three of the greats at the time. I definitely need to track this one down.

2012 Reflects on WWE Vengeance 2002

At the time of the PPV, the WWE Draft was only a couple months in effect and there had already been three PPVs on hand. All of those PPVs were called by Jim Ross and Jerry “The King” Lawler… who did RAW commentary. On Smackdown, Michael Cole and Taz(z) did commentary… so at the start of Vengeance, Cole and Taz confronted JR and King over this oversight. The result was that Cole and Taz got to call some matches and announcing duties would be split between the two pairs. It was a pretty significant step towards diversifying the two brands and no doubt had that confrontation not happened, Cole and Taz probably wouldn’t have gotten a fair shake… nor would they have gotten a chance to call some main events. It’s just too bad that in recent years, we’ve fallen back to one mishmash announcing team calling matches from both brands. Just sad.

Aside from the wrestling, there was an additional angle where Triple H was a free agent and had to choose between joining RAW (headed by then-General Manager Eric Bischoff) or Smackdown (headed by then-General Manager Nipple H). HHH eventually chose RAW, turned on HBK, and began his sickeningly boring reign on top, burying people that are more deserving of the spot than he. I remember it being a decent story at the time… even if it stemmed from another aborted nWo version whatever storyline.

I’m almost tempted to find a copy of this show, because reading the results (and my own pained comments), it seemed like a pretty solid show for the most part. Certainly says something when an older 2002 show that one barely remembers is more intriguing than the monthly crap that occurs in 2012. Nice.

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