PPV Predictions – WWE Unforgiven 2002


Unforgiven 2002… quite honestly, I don’t remember too much about this one, outside of what I can recall and recount from when I wrote the original predictions sheet back in 2002. But the show itself was a total blank for me. It might have been a decent show, all things considered, but not a memorable one, I suppose. Oh well.

Eight-man Tag-Team Match:

The Un-Americans (William Regal, Lance Storm, Christian, Test) vs. Kane, Booker T, Goldust, and Bubba Ray Dudley

2002 Pick: Hard to determine… considering no titles are on the line in this potential wankfest, I will have to go with the Un-Americans… um, don’t ask…

Results: The Un-Americans didn’t win. Okay, I was wrong here. 0-1

2012 Update: I’ve honestly felt that someone at WWE was trying to fuck me over with these predictions, as the past two matches, I picked against the UnAmericans and they won. This show, I pick them to win… and they lose. Seriously, I had this conspiracy in mind… I wondered if someone from WWE actually read this stuff.

WWE Women’s Championship Match:

Molly Holly (champion) vs. Trish Stratus

2002 Pick: Eye-candy… who cares?

Result: Trish Stratus defeated Molly Holly to win the Women’s Title… but I was right… eye-candy, who cares? 1-1

2012 Update: Geez, was I always this much of a dick with the Divas matches? I ought to tell 2002 Dave that if he thought THAT was bad, he wouldn’t survive the gluttony of piss-break quality DIVAS matches on display here. I’m sure the match was alright… again, i’s been a long while.

Edge vs. Eddie Guerrero

2002 Pick: Something is wrong here… In a month’s time, Edge has gone from teaming with Hulk Hogan to feuding with Eddie Guerrero, although when you think about, it is either a bad thing or a good thing… oh yeah, Edge wins.

Result: Eddie wins… er, yeah. 1-2

2012 Update: Both would eventually be future World Champions… of course, one would be retired while the other would pass away… both before their time… that’s really all I got, man.

Inter-Promotional Tag-Team Bout

Rosie & Jamal (with RAW GM Eric Bischoff) vs. Billy & Chuck (with Smackdown! GM Stephanie McMahon)

Additional Stipulations: If the Smackdown team won, Uncle Eric had to kiss Stephanie’s ass. If the RAW team won, Stephanie had to perform Hot Lesbian Action… which had something to do with lesbians. This was a pretty fucked-up deal in WWE.

2002 Pick: As much as I would like to see Rosie & Jamal randomly squash people, they haven’t been in a “real” WWE match. So their team doesn’t have much credibility. So I’m gonna go with Rosie & Jamal for the simple reason that I wanna see a win under their belt… no, really, it’s my only (HLA!) reason.

Winners: The two Samoans (RAW) wins. Unfortunately, we have no HLA. But we do have Rikishi in drag. I was right. (2-2)

2012 Update: Rikishi in drag is nothing compared to the horror that would be Big Dick Johnson. Just saying.

WWE Intercontinental Championship Match

Chris Jericho (champion) vs. “Nature Boy” Ric Flair

2002 Pick: Although the chances of it happening is about as likely as Duane Gill being World Champion, I would very much like to see Ric Flair win the strap from Jericho… let’s face it (and since Y2J doesn’t care about the Internet anymore, I won’t hold back), Jericho shouldn’t even have a belt like this. If you ask me, he should jump back to Smackdown and beat the living snot out of that punk Lesnar… as for Flair, give him a belt that isn’t something he’s held before. It will only add to his title history.

Winner: Jericho wins by playing dirty and faking a serious injury. Heck, I was wrong. Don’t worry, Ric. You’ll get that title someday in a couple years time. 2-3

2012 Update: While the comment was most likely made in jest, Ric Flair would eventually claim his first Intercontinental championship in 2005, defeating then-champion Carlito for the prize. Hey, I wasn’t that far off, actually.

Kurt Angle vs. Chris Benoit

2002 Pick: Great technical match under the hat… who cares?

Winner: Chris Benoit wins. I didn’t make a prediction here, but the match was good so… 3-3

2012 Update: Anytime you have Kurt Angle and Chris Benoit in the same ring, you’re bound to have a great wrestling match on display. Their 2003 encounter at the Royal Rumble for the WWE Championship is another one… somewhat odd that I’d say something positivie about Chris Benoit considering how his life ended and all, but whatever.

[RAW] World Heavyweight Championship Match

Triple H (champion) vs. Rob Van Dam

2002 Pick: Just give RVD the damn belt for goodness sake.

Result: HHH wins the match and retains the title, right after a “shocking” betrayal from Ric Flair. 3-4

2012 Update: At the time, I wasn’t too thrilled with the prospect of HHH retaining his title and thus “burying” RVD as a result. However, perspective has cleared my head and the end result makes sense even if I’m not particularly fond of it. Not necessarily in establishing the seeds for the Evolution stable to come, but rather in legitimizing WWE’s new World title. It wouldn’t look good to have HHH lose his newly-awarded Big Gold Belt in his first major defense and we want the belt to actually, you know, mean something… funny how that works, since belts nowadays mean fuck all.

Also, in another way, it was probably a good idea NOT to give RVD a world title. Wouldn’t want your champion to get bust for carrying pot or something.)

[SMACKDOWN] WWE World Heavyweight Championship

Brock Lesnar (champion) vs. Undertaker

2002 Pick: Lesnar… he always wins… which means a pretty boring and predictable match… WHY IS THIS THE MAIN EVENT WHEN THE [RAW] WORLD TITLE MATCH IS A POTENTIALLY BETTER AND VIABLE CHOICE?

RESULT: I don’t remember who won, since it was a DQ victory. But since Brock keeps the belt, I’m still right. 4-4

2012 Update: The match ended in a double-disqualification, leading to a rematch at Hell In A… er, I mean, No Mercy that Lesnar would win. The match both Brock and Taker would compete in? Hell In A Cell, back when the match meant something and wasn’t used as a gimmick to sell PPVs.

4-4. Not a bad deal. Of course, the following month’s PPV was better.

2012 Reflections on WWE Unforgiven 2002

The final moments of Unforgiven 2002 was the sorry main event and the stupidity of HLA teasing that resulted in the world baring witness to Rikishi in drag and blackface. Utterly, utterly ridiculous tripe that takes points off an otherwise solid PPV showing. Of course, the HLA stuff would be tame stuff compared to the horror that is Katie Vick… but that’s another story.

It’s hard for me to give proper reflections on this show because, again, it’s been a good long while since I saw this show. I’ve seen some reviews say that it was a good show, so I may take their word for it, but other than that… I really can’t say much.

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