PPV Predictions – WWE No Mercy 2002


2012 Update: One of the problems with these old PPV predictions, especially the 2002-2003 ones, is the lack of a consistent format. So I’m left having to redo all the formatting so that it somewhat matches up with the current stock.

This is going to be posted as is with little input from me today. Quite frankly, I barely recall the show and I don’t have a copy available to watch. Frankly, if I had, I’d probably redo this whole form from scratch… but since I don’t, you get to enjoy this horrible text. So other than minor format tweaks and minor edits, this is all from 2002. Enjoy.

I’m going to start this commentary off officially with a brief recap of matches that I predicted. The comments in brackets are the actual results, so let’s start this off:

Rob Van Dam vs. Ric Flair

This is a tough one to call. On the one hand, Ric Flair lost to Chris Jericho. On the other hand, RVD is fodder for Jericho and Triple punkass H. My money is on RVD.

Winner: RVD (1-0)

Torrie Wilson vs. Dawn Marie

Okay, if both women wear revealing outfits, the fans are the winners!!! Um… seriously, though. They actually stuck this on a Pay-Per-View?!

Winner: Torrie Wilson. No prediction made and I don’t recall what they wore. (1-0)

Rey Mysterio & Edge vs. Kurt Angle & Chris Benoit for the WWE (Smackdown) Tag-Team Championship

The Smackdown! Brand are getting their own tag belts. I think Angle & Benoit should get the belts. Why? Well, aside from the fact that Kurt Angle has yet to hold a Tag Belt, I don’t think Edge needs to be pushed into the tag-wrestler position again… neither should Rey Rey or whatever you call him.

Winners: Benoit & Angle (2-0) MATCH OF THE NIGHT IMHO

Chris Jericho & Christian vs. Booker T and Goldust for the World (Eric Bischoff’s RAW) Tag-Team Championship

Um… have the Canadian Blondes drop the straps to Bookdust, sucka!

Winners: Jericho & Christian (2-1)

Trish Stratus vs. Victoria for the World (Eric Bischoff’s RAW) Women’s Championship

Um… Vicky wins… why? I don’t know…

Winner: Trish wins (2-2)

World (Eric Bischoff’s RAW) Heavyweight Champion Triple H vs. Intercontinental (Eric Bischoff’s RAW) Heavyweight Champion Kane in a Winner-Takes-All Title Unification Match

Kane, you’re a World Heavyweight Championship Murderer!!!!

Winner: HHH (2-3)

And Brock wins over Taker in the Cell match. I was right (3-3), but then so was everyone else. There is a match missing (the Cruiserweight title match) but since this was a last-minute thing and I didn’t know about its booking, it doesn’t count. Needless to say, Jamie Noble retains his title over Tajiri. It will be hard to believe that the only credible title these days is the cruiserweight championship, since Noble has been champ since June.

(2012 Update: That credibility for the title wouldn’t last, I’m afraid.)

Like I said, haven’t seen this show in a long time. Don’t care to comment on it. Done.

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