PPV Predictions – WWE Bad Blood 2003


Fun Fact: This show is sometimes called WWE Bad Bl**d in regards to merchandising. The original 1997 event was called Badd Blood and also featured the first ever Hell In A Cell match between Shawn Michaels and Undertaker. So it seemed almost appropriate that this new Bad Blood PPV – the first PPV to exclusively feature RAW talent – would host a Hell In A Cell main event for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Unfortunately, the match featured Triple H defending the title against Kevin Nash… with Mick Foley as the referee for some reason. It’s been a while, folks. I don’t recall this as much as I would have liked… or as little as I would care to. For this reason more than anything, any reflective thoughts featured here will be brief.


2003 Pre-Show Opening Comments

Lookie here, kiddies. It has been two long months since I did a predictions list, but here it is, in time for the RAW-only PPV. All things considered I could have doing predictions for the upcoming WWA Reckoning pay-per-view coming this Sunday, but it’s a taped show and results are bound to be floating around the internet anyway, so here’s the Bad Blood predictions. The results are in italics.

World Tag-Team Championship

La Resistance vs. Rob Van Dam & Kane (c)

2003 Pick: Um… wow. Here’s something interesting… okay, not really. The more popular choice would be giving the belts to the French pussies… er, the Montreal pussies… er, the stupid guys with the berrets and jackets that Cap’n Crunch wouldn’t be caught dead wearing.

Winner: Amazingly enough, La Resistance wins the Tag titles. Then again, anyone saw this coming… 1-0

Redneck Triathlon

Stone Cold Steve Austin vs. Eric Bischoff

2003 Pick: I’m pretty sure this doesn’t involve puking or anything to that matter… anyway, I pick Bischoff does not puke… already, I’m starting to regret that decision.

Results: Austin wins the Burping Contest with a burp so fake it makes me miss the Stone Cold of old. Bischoff gets a bite of that old hag Mae Young’s bronco-buster, but Austin forfeits by stunning Mae – well good, I hope we never see her make a fool of herself on TV again – giving Bischoff the win. Austin beats Bischoff in the final event, which is a Pig Pen competition… don’t ask. The important thing is that Bischoff didn’t puke, so I got this. Take heed of this, because this is the only detailed result you’ll get. Ever. 2-0.

2012 Updates: Yeah, this is how prediction sheets worked way back when. If I didn’t care enough for a match, I’d end up predicting something entirely different. And even watching this online recently, I still didn’t give two figs. Maybe if this wasn’t on PPV…

WWE Intercontinental Championship

Booker T vs. Christian (c)

2003 Pick: Worthless title all of a sudden is supposed to mean something… then again, all of RAW’s titles are worthless at this point. All them smarks can say Booker will win, but my five bucks are on Christian.

Winner: Oh look. A cheap DQ win for Booker T. Unfortunately, Christian is the true winner of the contest, as he walks away with the title on his shoulder, so 3-0.

2012 Update: Give them some credit; they did bring back the IC title and it still sees use today. Unfortunately, it’s debatable as to whether any of the titles actually mean anything now.

Winner Gets Stacy

Scott Steiner vs. Test

2003 Pick: Give a PPV win to Steiner. Test sucks.

Winner: Steiner wins. Yay. 4-0.

2012 Update: And some time later, Steiner turns heel… and nobody cared.

Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair

2003 Pick: Although it would have been nicer if this match was taking place during their prime, it will undoubtedly happen. My guess is that this will be the only half-way decent match on the card that Ric Flair would win… yes, I said Ric Flair.

Winner: Ric Flair beats Shawn Michaels with assistance from Randy Orton… and you people thought it would go to the younger lion. Sorry, Jericho. 5-0.

2012 Update: This match apparently was alright… but HBK/Flair would go at it five years later at Wrestlemania 24… a match billed as someone’s retirement match. That wasn’t necessarily the case, was it, Richard?

Chris Jericho vs. Goldberg

2003 Pick: Squash match for Bill Goldberg. Plain and simple.

Winner: Indeed. A squash match for Bill Goldberg. A rather long match, but a squash nonetheless. 6-0.

Two-Cripples-In-A-Hell-In-A-Cell Match for the World Heavyweight Title

Triple H (c) vs. Kevin Nash

2003 Pick: Come on, if you don’t know who’s gonna win, you haven’t watched RAW for the past year.

Winner: Indeed, Triple H gets the win over his best friend, but then again, who didn’t see this coming? 7-0.

2003 Post-Show Thoughts

All in all. The card was alright, but EXTREMELY predictable. How predictable? You noticed that I did not get ONE incorrect prediction. Other than a couple of chance choices, the whole thing was anticlimactic at best, but in any case, was enjoyable for what it’s worth. However, WWE is NOT ready for a RAW-brand pay-per-view. We’re going to have to see what Vengeance (the SMACKDOWN! PPV) can produce.

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