The Winners And Losers Of 2004

As we near the final, dying hours of 2004, I begin to reflect back to the good things that had happened in the past year.

Despite the lack of NHL games being played, other hockey alternatives are being picked up and aired. Of course, there’s the Junior championships, which never fails to disappoint (or so I hear).

After the 38-episode mindfuck of a TV show that is Power Rangers Ninja Storm in 2003, Doug Sloan brings us DinoThunder, which was a much improved product that not only brought back Jason Frank as Dr. Tommy Oliver, but also featured the original Green Ranger wearing a sturdy chestplate in non-Japanese footage. Does it make up for Ninja Storm? Fuck yeah!

Vince McMahon sees the light and 2004 brings us first-time world champions Eddie Guerrero, Chris Benoit, and Randy Orton. Thus proving that WWE is willing to push other stars besides Vince’s boy. (Unfortunately, just as it began, the year ends with McSon-In-Law reigning as World champion. Boo.)

I gain a trade diploma in printing. Unfortunately, the failure of attaining a steady job is another story.

Now as much as we like to point out the good things, we also have to point out the bad things.

The NHL lockout. I personally don’t care for hockey, but even I feel awkward not hearing updates of NHL games played the night before.

John Bradshaw Layfield is WWE Heavyweight champion. As much as I admit to enjoying his antics, it’s not enough to be worthy of holding that frickin’ belt.

The RAW World Title is vacated, but it’s just an excuse for Trips to be a 10-time world champion.

I’m still unemployed.

We’ve had water problems. Water pipes clogged, water tanks burst, and water leaking through the windows because of melting ice… all within the span of a fucking month.

George W. Bush is re-elected for another four years in the White House. Why is this a bad thing?

Like I said, 2004 can kiss my ass.

Happy New Year and remember to party like 2003. Maybe if we’re lucky, 2004 will be nothing but a really bad dream.


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