The Winners And Losers Of 2005

Original Posting Date: December 31, 2005
DTM Blog Post No. 200

DTM Blog ended 2005 with its 200 post, less than two years old at the time. And yet, here we are with a 2+ year old blog and 600 posts. Amazing what a better blogging interface will do for you.

So yeah, this is it. The 200th post of DTM Blog is conveniently the final post of 2005. And believe me, as much as I want to piss on the past year for all the stupid things I had to put up with, I really can’t. So I won’t. But I’ll just take the time to say thanks to those who have bothered to read this thing. And I hope that you stick around for the next year (or at the very list the next hundred posts), where there’ll be more of me rambling. But then, that’s all the blog has ever really been about, isn’t it?

And so as we kiss 2005 good-bye and send it on a trip to the retirement home, we look back on some of the good, bad, and tweener events that have shaped this great year.

A word of warning: the following are my picks and my picks only. Nobody else chose these for me, nobody influenced my decision. It’s based on my own personal opinions.


Some good stuff has happened to or involving these particular targets during 2005.


Finally able to drive a car this year! DVDs a la masse. A quick trip to Niagara Falls and Ottawa left me refreshed… even though I brought back no souvenirs. DANG!


This year’s Batman Begins movie has its flaws, but at least it purges away the bad taste of the Dark Knight’s previous ventures into movie crapdom. On the other hand, the movie gave way for the crappy Batman cartoon on TV right now, but you can’t win them all. Fortunately, the comics were somewhat readable and that’s winner in my book.


To use a cliche the likes of which you’ve never seen in your life, the Force was strong in 2005. The Battlefront video game kicked ass, the Battlefront II video game annihilated ass, the Clone Wars cartoon blasted ass, the Episode III movie smoked ass, the Episode III video game burnt ass, and the long-awaited DVD release of the original Star Wars trilogy (and the documentary packaged with it) killed ass like none before it. If you’re gonna end a saga, end it with style… and pray that the upcoming TV show doesn’t suck ass.

(2011 Update: Nothing ever came of that TV show as of yet, but we did get a CGI Clone Wars cartoon… that was kinda cool.)


Man, that promo he gave on the last RAW of 2005 kicked ass… it’s true it’s true.

(2011 Update: Shortly after, he’d win a World title and drop it to Rey Mysterio for the pity title reign… he would soon jump to TNA, where he currently resides today.)


Both have held their titles since Wrestlemania 21, which is an already incredible feat. And in my opinion, they’ve done pretty well thus far. Despite what the general audience and “insider fans” think of either one of these individuals, I sincerely hope that they make to Wrestlemania 22 with their title reigns intact.

(2011 Update: Both men would lose their titles before the show… but Cena would get his back, along with ten more. As for Batista, he’d stick around for a bit before bailing.)


The Identity Crisis miniseries was a huge departure from the usual borefests they’ve been churning out. The Infinite Crisis series, currently in progress, looks to be pure actionfest, but can’t really complain about that.

(2011 Update: A shame that they had to go through fifty more “Crisis” events before hitting the eventual Flashpoint series that served as the catalyst that would give birth to the relaunched New 52 initiative.)


Aside from an awesome DVD documentary detailing the rise and fall of the promotion featuring “garbage wrestling”, Extreme Championship Wrestling had a live PPV. And guess what? It was actually pretty good for what it was.


Trade in “Slobberknockers” for “OH MY GOD!” on RAW? That can only be a GOOD THING!

(2011 Update: Too bad it didn’t last long. Instead, we got stuck with Michael Cole.)


Since having gotten an X-Box last year for Christmas, Microsoft has been getting a fair share of my money as I’ve been picking up a slew of games that would normally take a guy of my income rate longer to accumulate. It’s all about cheap prices and good deals… and oh yeah, they released XBox 360 or something.


If we’re going to have winners, we’ll have to have losers. And man, those losers were numerous.


Couldn’t get a decent webstation design, fanfic took forever to finish, among other stupidities. Hopes to change all that in the forthcoming year.


Sad thing is that I haven’t even watched the show since previewing the first couple episodes and reviews of later episodes would prevent me from giving it another chance. I did catch SPD’s finale, which failed to impress. Sad when I had to resort to fanfiction to get my PR fix. In any event, I’ll give Bruce Kalish the benefit of the doubt and look forward to see what he does with Mystic Force, which is the next incarnation of Power Rangers. The benefit of the doubt, however, does not mean that SPD is a loser with the rest of them.

(2011 Update: I’ve sort of mellowed on SPD in recent years. I still think it’s a pretty poor series, but compared to what came after, I think it’s fairly decent.)


Unfortunately, my friend and once-great source of WWE PPVs no longer buys them because he doesn’t like the existing product, thus ending my best means of getting access to PPVs. In fact, he seemed to have shut off by the product altogether, which doesn’t help matters either way. On the other hand, I’m getting most of my DVDs from him for much cheaper than usual.


So with Ralphie as a loser, no doubt Vince McMahon’s wrestling utopia would be the next candidate, right? The shows aren’t the problem; the problem are the PPVs, which have slowly declined somewhat in quality and marquee value. Then again, you could throw in the exploding lowriders and former referee suicide angles in for good measure. Despite releasing some quality DVD sets that I’ve spent money on, it’s not enough to drudge them from the loser brackets. If it means anything, the product isn’t terrible, but it could have been a lot better.

(2011 Update: The 2005 product seems like a godsend compared to the current late-2011 product.)


Natural destructive forces have crippled this once-great city. No doubt, the city will be rebuilt some day and the people will prosper, but the scars will remain.

(2011 Update: Not meant to be offenseive here, but you can hardly call a terrible disaster a winning highlight. At least the city has long since recovered… but no doubt the scars still remain.)


The new passtime in backyard wrestling is wrestling in a cemetery. Unfortunately, the pioneers of this stupidity neglected to take note that such stupidity had been done by WCW years ago. Unlike WCW, these guys got arrested for it. Just as well.


Consider the sad saga of someone who was considered to be the next big heel in WWE. Despite my early misgivings of the character, I was rather impressed with his skills on the mic as well as in the ring. Poor backstage decision-making and poor timing, however, ended his run before he could have really made an impact and that’s too bad. On the bright side, he’s a Gooker Award nominee!


Certain people expecting iPods for Christmas probably got the limited-edition iMeat instead. A bait-and-switch to the extreme! Vince Russo would be so proud barring his born-again shtick.


Poor ol’ JR got fired (not literally), kicked in the balls, and most importantly, got stuff pulled out of his ass. On the bright side, he’s a Gooker Award nominee!


Things that are neither winners or losers, but deserve mention.


The fourth season of Enterprise was considered to be one of its finest, finally doing what it was supposed to – but it wasn’t enough to keep this show from getting canned. Unfortunately, the show ended with a depressingly awful finale that was more akin to being a TNG episode… and a bad one too. It’s one of those things you could have called either way, but felt either choice was inappropriate.


The winner aspect: George Takei steps out of the closet and declares his homosexuality to the world. The loser aspect: the fact that Sulu’s gay is possibly the worst kept secret in the world. You had that nagging feeling, but never really thought about it. And now that it’s out, you really don’t want to. Let’s call it even.


EA Sports started the ball by getting exclusive license to make NFL games. This means no one else can use NFL teams and likenesses. On the one hand, it sort of sucks because you no longer have a choice to which kind of football game you prefer. But on the other hand, it filters out all the shittier games on the market. It’s too early to tell, so let’s call it even.


A great talent who had left us so soon. I’ve said my piece on Eddie and frankly, so has everyone else. So I won’t add anymore to what everyone already know or can easily find elsewhere. I can’t give Eddie the Winner ballot, but I can give him honorable mention here. (There’s the tribute site too).


The winner aspect: the NHL is back in operation and the players seem to be motivated to play again. The loser aspect: not enough incentive for me to want to watch the games, since the couple games I have seen somewhat resemble the old NHL games. Eh, call it even.


The winner aspect: my father got his kidney stone removed and is feeling better. The loser aspect: he never got to keep the kidney stone as a souvenir. Hey, gotta nail him with something.

And that’s about it. There was another target I was considering, but ultimately it was best not to give him more attention than he already has…

So that’s it. See next year (and by next year, I mean tomorrow.)

Happy 2006.

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