The Winners And Losers Of 2006

Original Posting Date: January 1, 2007

DTM Blog Post No. 400

Yeah, it’s been a while. But then again, there’s only three more years to repost unless I decide to give 2010 the updated treatment. Who knows?

Post 400. New Year. Hope everyone’s sober. Good.

And so as we kiss 2006 good-bye and send it on a trip to the retirement home, we look back on some of the good, bad, and tweener events that have shaped this great year. If you were around for my 2005 in Review post, you’ll notice that there are a few repeat offenders in this list in addition to some new ones and some of the repeats have changed their position as of late.

A word of warning: the following are my picks and my picks only. Nobody else chose these for me, nobody influenced my decision. It’s based on my own personal opinions. Also, unlike the 2005 post, this one’s being written in advanced. Which means certain references might be outdated by the time this actually sees post. So without further delay, let’s get it on.


Some good stuff has happened to or involving these particular targets during 2006.


Earlier this year, I came across a website called, a gaming site apparently. While the content is alright, the one thing that caught my eye was a series of NES reviews produced a guy who refers to himself as the Angry Nintendo Nerd (aka Angry Video Game Nerd). The language is intense, but the portrayal of this character depicts the kind of experiences I’ve had with certain games (TMNT and Simon’s Quest among them). They’re also funny as hell, particularly his inventive use of profanity. Definitely worth a look if you’re not easily offended.

(2011 Update: If only James Rolfe had stuck with more intimate, personable experiences in his videos as opposed to cookie-cutter, low-grade “acting” that would make Troll 2 seem like Shakespeare in comparison. Even today, the 2006 Nerd episodes are still the best of the bunch, whereas the majority thereafter have long since lost their luster after a couple years.)


The Man of Steel returns to form with the recent Superman Returns flick – a movie that is very well done but is admittingly an acquired taste. In addition, you’ve got the old movies re-re-rereleased on DVD, as well as the long-time debut of the Richard Donner version of Superman II, which is very good by the way. If there was any doubt that 2006 was good to Superman, I ain’t seen it.

THE ZIDANE HEADBUTT (World Cup 2006 Finals)

It may have caused a riot among the sporting world, but I can’t think of a better way to end your career than to give a loudmouth Italian soccer player exactly what he needed to shut the fuck up, even if it gave Italy the World Cup. Mr. Zidane, I salute you.


Recently started to follow this series and am now starting to get into it. This is a great drama that happens to be set in outer space, the production values are top-notch, and the plots feel pretty gritty and realistic. Kudos to the people behind this show for putting out a great product.

(2011 Update: Eventually lost interest in the series and rediscovered the original… THAT was pretty fun to watch.)


The sci-fi franchise just turned forty this year. As a result, we got a new movie announcement, some top-notch novels, a fan’s excellent interpretation of a rebooted Trek universe, and the remastered Original Series, containing clean footage and upgraded special effects. Despite the lack of new shows or new material, Trek is all the better for it.


Former Star Trek actors got together and did something many thought impossible: they made their own Star Trek fan film. And having seen the trailer (but not the movie itself), it looks like a nice little flick. Also, you’ve got another fanfilm series, New Voyages, snatching up the services of former Trek people who worked on the TV shows. This may be good for fanfilms to get much needed credibility… that is, if they don’t get shut down before then.

(2011 Update: Somewhere down the line, Tim Russ gathered a bunch of Trek alumni to make a Trek fanfilm – not that bad, actually – that he insists isn’t a fanfilm. Whatever you say, man.)


The bloodiest piece of crap I’ve ever played has definitely stepped up with its latest release, Armageddon. Well over sixty characters, this game is almost like Mortal Kombat Trilogy, except that it’s actually a good game and there’s some actual effort behind the game. No complaints here!

(2011 Update: The new MK released this year is an even bloodier piece of crap… and I mean that as a compliment.)


50 games within a two-year period. Not much of an accomplishment by anyone else’s standards, but a pretty big deal for me because it’s the first time I owned 50 games for a single console. Next up, getting a Playstation-2 (yes, I said 2, not 3) and building up a favorable PS2 library… which’ll probably be four or five games at most.

(2011 Update: I guess 2006 me had low expectations. Seriously, if you were to tell me back then that I would amass well over 750+ games for a multitude of consoles in five years, I’d call you a fucking idiot.)


I gotta new chair. Yay.


If we’re going to have winners, we’ll have to have losers. And man, those losers were numerous.


A lack of helpful/timely communication concerning a undesirable situation had prompted the brief shutdown and eventual relocation of the Webstation to its current home. As much as I am appreciative of FWP for hosting the site for a good while, I’m also rather pissed at how the relationship ended and how this situation could have been resolved properly. That said, I’m not going to bitch on them much.

(2011 Update: What a genius I was… moving onto a web service that offered 100 MB free space, but bombarded the site with ads to the point where the design was practically destroyed. This is part of the reason why I gave up personalizing websites and stuck with the blog.)


This movie sucked major X-Ass; a pitiful end to what was generally an awesome trilogy of X-Men films. Nothing more really needs be said.

(2011 Update: Except for the fact that the follow-up X-Men Origins: Wolverine was somehow just as bad, if not worse. Fortunately, First Class turned things around.)

X-BOX 360

The truly disappointing aspect of this system, which sports a nice look and sweet-looking controllers, is that it breaks down, a sign indicated by what some people have dubbed the RED RING OF DOOM! I never played the system, but judging from the negative reviews I’ve read up on, it’s hard to ignore these problems. Of course, it doesn’t help that some of the games on the system are less than stellar and could have been done on the original X-Box.

(2011 Update: A redesigned Xbox 360 was eventually released. That seemed to work fine.)


Some former Star Trek actors must have gotten together and decreed that all prequels are bad and that the show is about moving forward, yet backpedaled on those comments by saying they’d love to reprise their roles in future films. How utterly sad and pathetic have these people gone down the totem ladder. Maybe they should take a page from Tim Russ’ book and make their own movie. It’s sort of ironic that the former Enterprise actors, the ones who have every right to complain considering how their show ended, are the exact opposite (for the most part) of their adolescent peers. That doesn’t happen every day.

(2011 Update: Most everybody in that disgruntled Trek fraternity seemed to like the 2009 Star Trek movie… which went back to the days of Kirk and Spock and can be considered either a prequel and/or a reboot. Funny how that works.)


Last year, I had made ECW a 2005 Winner for their awesome DVD documentary and one-time PPV revival. One year later, the brand is reborn and refurbished into what is essentially a one-hour weekend show that somehow airs on Tuesday nights on a network that airs science fiction programs. As a result, it’s about as new a breed as the XFL was an X-tra Fun League (read: it’s not). The reality, though, is that the show isn’t that bad and there are times when you think the show is indeed a new offering, but then they throw in something stupid like Extreme Strip Poker and suddenly you’re reminded that you’re watching another sports-entertainment crapfest. Considering what was expected and what was hoped, ECW hasn’t lived up to those expectations. I think their December to Disappoint PPV proves it.

(2011 Update: The only real good to come out of this Bobbited ECW is that it introduced the mainstream to CM Punk, who is currently enjoying well-deserved fruits of his labor… along with several cans of Pepsi.)


Now I know what you’re thinking now: “SPD was last year’s show, you dumb-ass! This year’s show was called Mystic Force!” And that may be true, but I didn’t watch Mystic Force AT ALL this year and that’s due to the fact that SPD left such a bad taste in my mouth that I shudder to think what the producer could have come up with it. For the most part, like SPD, reaction is mixed (although slightly better), but not enough to have me check it out. So rather than give the nod to a show I’ve never seen, I give the nod to the show that left the sour taste in my mouth.

(2011 Update: Strangely enough… I still haven’t seen Mystic Force.)


Citizens in Indonesia stage an anti-WWE protest including burning Undertaker posters and ripped HHH posters. The incident stem from an incident where three kids “practice wrestling moves” on another kid, who died a month later. If there’s anyone who needs to be ripped and burned, it’s the kid’s father who waited a week to get treatment. Regardless of what reasons or goals lies within these protests – staged or otherwise – it is certainly a pitiful sight to behold.


America’s Most Hated? Hollywood Bad Boy? Britney’s Ex? One-night-only wrestler? And yet the only thing I ask myself whenever this guy is brought up is this one simple question: Who the fuck is Kevin Federline and why is he taking up precious TV time?

(2011 Update: Who the fuck is Kevin Federline? And how did he make that list?)


If only real wars were constantly delayed by a comic book writer’s apparent laziness would things be right in the world, but alas that’s not the case. The truly sad thing is that the constant delays is losing my interest and I just want this thing over and done with so we can get some decent Spider-Man stories out instead of the crossover I’ve been force-fed as of late. And speaking of Spider-Man…


In an issue of Spider-Man: Reign (a miniseries depicting a harsh future ala Dark Knight Returns), a brief snippet of Peter Parker’s “little guy” can be seen. Never knew how small the guy had it.

(2011 Update: Despite the “exposure” of Little Peter, Spider-Man: Reign is actually pretty decent.)


Things that are neither winners or losers, but deserve mention. Not as many as there were in 2005, but still a handful.


So much internet hype fueled the anticipation for an admittingly-corny movie and yet so little to show for it in terms of box office. Maybe the DVD sales will be better.

(2011 Update: It’s not a bad movie – it’s pretty corny, as expected. But it’s an entertaining popcorn flick if nothing else.)


People have criticized it and thought it was a bad idea. In reality, though, it’s not much of a stretch and I truly believe WWE Films can work. While the first two theatrical releases weren’t box-office hits by any stretch of the imagination, they did show how far the company is willing to go to present a top-notch film. Make no mistake: See No Evil is far from a good horror flick (I believe I called the best comedy I’ve seen all year), but it’s still a nice looking picture. The Marine looks like all explosions and no substance, but at least it has big explosions. All that’s needed for people to take WWE Films seriously is if the division can produce more than simple bland popcorn flicks and that can be done by hiring people who can actually write.


Nerds rejoiced when word of the original Star Wars trilogy would be returning to DVD in its original format. Yes, kids. See Han Shoot First. Unfortunately, when people actually picked up the DVDs, they cried fowl because the original original trilogy’s DVD presentation was seemingly ripped from the old Laserdisc versions. Sometimes, you need the Force to keep those geeks happy. Why isn’t this a Loser item? Beats me.

(2011 Update: Five years later, Star Wars comes out on Blu-Ray… not much has changed as far as fan reaction goes to the latest bevy of changes.)


On the one hand, these people bring attention to games concerning “controversial” content and petitions to get them off shelves. On the other hand, they’re giving the game free publicity, prompting consumers to actually buy the product. It defeats the whole purpose.


It’s a middle ground candidate because on the one hand, Kurt Angle signing with TNA was one of the best-kept secrets in the world of professional wrestling in recent years and it did what it aimed to do; create shockwaves. On the other hand, you have to wonder if Kurt is feeling up to this, considering his health issues and all that. Nonetheless, it’ll be interesting to see what TNA has in store for the former WWE World Champion.


Not the biggest soccer fan in the world, but I do watch a couple games every now and then. For the most part, there have been some memorable moments, but not enough to make the tourney a winner in my eyes. Especially after stuff like this.


The sixth and supposedly final film in the Rocky movie series, meaning that Rocky VII: Adrian’s Revenge will never surface (and if you’ve seen the movie, you’ll know why). While this movie is a good one and is a perfect swan song for Rocky Balboa, my only complaint is that it isn’t called Rocky VI, thus ruining a perfectly consistent string of sequel titles.

And that’s about it. There was another target I was considering, but Ultimately it was best not to give him more attention than he already has…

So that’s it. Happy 2007.

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