PPV Predictions – WWE Extreme Rules 2010


Good news for WWE – The RAW brand had made it back to America this past Wednesday night after being stuck in Europe due to volcanic activity in Iceland. Thus ensuring that the Extreme Rules PPV will continue as advertised.

Bad news for WWE – They lost a potential buyer of their PPV… alright, so I was never planning on buying the PPV, but man, that would have made for a fun time if half the PPV had to be scrapped on the fly due to the RAW crew being stuck in Europe due to additional volcanic activity or something.

In any case, here are my picks for the as-planned PPV. Will update this post with results once the PPV is done with.

Note: Some updated results…


Strap Match

JTG vs Shad Gaspard

Ooooh… it’s a strap match featuring the former members of popular tag-team Cryme Tyme feuding against one another. Seriously, is there any reason why I should care? I mean, other than a couple funny moments, they never were a hot team vying for titles or anything. Anyway, I’m thinking that Shad is going to win this one. He’s the heel, so he should win this one… and hopefully, he’ll get a nice solo run or something.

Pick: Shad Gaspard

Winner: JTG… are you kidding me? I’m off to a great start. (0-1)

Extreme Makeover Match for the WWE Womens’ Title

Michelle McCool (c) vs. Beth Phoenix

Ooooooooh… it’s an EXTREME!!!!!!!!! Makeover match for the Womens’ Title. Somewhere along the line, I’m supposed to care… but I don’t.

Pick: I don’t care

Winner: Beth wins the title… still don’t care. (1-1)

Hair Vs. ??? Match

Rey Mysterio vs. CM Punk

See, the deal is that if CM Punk loses the match, he has to shave his head. But since Rey Rey has nothing on the line, I’d fully expect CM to win this one, since he did the job to Mysterio at ‘Mania. Of course, WWE could be total cunts and ruin, but hopefully they see logic.

Pick: CM Punk

Winner: CM Punk keeps his hair (2-1)

Street Fight

HHH vs Sheamus

Normally, I’d go with Sheamus to win… but look who’s fighting him.

Pick: He of the Three Hs

Winner: Sheamus… boy, am I happy to be wrong. (2-2)

Steel Cage Match

Edge vs. Chris Jericho

Plain ol’ steel cage match? Alright, that’s fine. My money’s on Edge. And by money, I mean chump change. About three pennies.

Pick: Edge

Winner: Edge wins. (3-2)

Extreme Rules Match for the World Heavyweight Championship

Jack Swagger (c) vs. Randy Orton

Exactly what is the difference between an “Extreme Rules” match and a “Street Fight?” They both seem like the same thing to me… anyway, all signs point to Jack Swagger retaining the title.

Pick: Jack Swagger

Winner: Jack Swagger retains the title. Not surprised, actually. (4-2)

Last Man Standing Match for the WWE Championship

John Cena (c) vs. Batista

Even without word circulating that Big Dave may be done after tonight… I’d still pick Cena to win… because CENA ALWAYS WINS. ALWAYS.

Pick: John Cena

Winner: CENA ALWAYS WINS. (5-2)

That’s it for me. Later.

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