PPV Predictions – WWE Over The Limit 2010


We’re going over the limit, kids! WWE Over The Limit!  Okay, that sucked. My apologies…

Yep… you know the drill. Let’s get this over with…



R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase

Not much to say about this one. On the other hand, it was cool to see Virgil back on Monday. Don’t know if he’ll be around for the PPV. Ted wins this one.

Pick: Ted DiBiase

Winner: R-Truth… no Virgil for Ted, I guess. (0-1)

WWE Divas Championship

Eve (C) vs. Maryse

Oh, I’m sorry. I missed the part where I’m supposed to care.

Pick: Eve

Winner: Eve (1-1)

Unified Tag Team Championship: 

The Hart Dynasty (C) vs. Chris Jericho & The Miz

You know something? I think perception has forced me to believe that the Harts will lose the titles because… well, I doubt Bret’s going to be there since he’s doing the whole Memorial Cup thing and has to support his Calgary Hitmen or something… aw, you know what? Fuck it. Harts win. They’re an actual tag-team and I’d like an actual tag-team to carry the belts for a good while. Thanks.

Pick: Harts

Winners: Harts (2-1)

Randy Orton vs. Edge

All things considered, I have to say that I see Edge winning this. Mind you, I think this could go either way, but Edge has some sort of… um, edge in this match and would benefit greatly from a win. So there you go: Edge.

Pick: Edge

Winners: Double Countout… COPOUT (Nobody won so the score stays 2-1)

CM Punk vs. Rey Mysterio

Stipulations: If Rey win, then CM Punk loses his Jesus Christ hairdo. If Punk wins, then Rey goes straightedge. My money’s on Punk; I don’t see him cutting his hair.

Pick: CM Punk

Winner: Rey Mysterio… bye bye CM Christ. (2-2)

WWE Intercontinental Championship:

Drew McIntyre (C) vs. Kofi Kingston

Oh, I’m sorry. I missed the part where I’m supposed to care. Wait, I used that one already. Oh, sorry.

Seriously, no knock on Kingston, but I don’t like his chances. Nor do I care for Drew McMahon over there.

Pick: Drew McMahon

Winner: Kofi Kingston… hey, that’s a nice surprise, actually. (2-3)

World Heavyweight Championship: 

Jack Swagger (C) vs. Big Show

Again, who the fuck is Jack Swagger? Aw hell, I can’t use that one anymore, can I? Awkward snark aside, I could see Swagger pulling off a win (sorry, Show) and the match could actually be pretty decent. We’ll see.

Pick: Jack Swagger

Winner: Big Show by DQ. However, Jack Swagger’s still the champ, so it’s a win for him anyway. (3-3)

I Quit Match for the WWE Championship

John Cena (C) vs. Batista

You’re kidding, right?

Pick: Super Cena

Winner: You’re kidding, right? (4-3)

Okay, I’m done. Later.

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